We partner with Hope Street Uganda – an amazing organization that transforms the lives of homeless boys living on the streets in the slums of Kampala (Kisenyi, Katanga, Katwe, Kivulu, and others).  Child trafficking and violence are significant problems here.  These boys survive on collecting empty water bottles and scrap metal which they sell to earn a living.  Hope Street provides a safe environment for these young men to learn, receive medical attention, and eat a nutritious meal.  It is a labor of love run by 7 “uncles” who rely entirely on outside support to maintain their efforts.

Help us raise $1,500 each month for Hope Street’s operational expenses.   

With your help, we will ensure that each of these kids receives a quality education.  Please donate today!

Thanks to our generous donors, these young men are enrolled in school full-time and are poised to become the future leaders of Uganda!

For insights into how your contribution can make a world of difference at Hope Street, e-mail Dave Greenlees at for details.  Trellis Arch is working to cover the entire education budget for Hope Street so they can devote their resources to infrastructure improvements.  Be a part of this amazing transformation!

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Thanks to our donors, Trellis Arch sponsored Hope Street’s 2017 Christmas Party. Making a difference in the lives of at-risk children – one child at a time.  Hope Street’s Director, Galiwango Abdul, sent us an update and some amazing photos:

“With our hearts full of gratitude,with thank you David and the whole Trellis arch team for the great contribution you made towards the Christmas party for the street kids,it was a great time at the beach we had 120 kids who went for the party, the food was in plenty and it was served twice plus a soda to every boy. Lots of fun,dancing,music,swimming and so much more and to wrap it up we shared a Christmas message to the kids to let them know the essence of Christmas in their lives. In their life on the streets this is one of the moments they get to forget all the sorrow,bitterness,coldness and resentment they go through and they wish if they could may be have this moment once a month all we could tell them is they pray with God all things are possible in Jesus’ name. The entire hope street and the kids thank you for the support towards this call and may the Lord bless you all.”


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