You can help rebuild a school in Kabale, Uganda!


In southwestern Uganda you will find the beautiful mountainous region of Kabale.  Further up the red dirt road you will enter Bushure Village, a small but tight community of hard working families. 

Walking along the road, children with rags for clothing will greet you with the brightest smile you have ever seen.  The smiles will tear at your heart. The children are on their way to St. Elizabeth Nursery and Primary School.  This school currently educates 131 students with 9 teachers and 2 assistants leading the charge. The children of St. Elizabeth’s are eager to learn but face many challenges to their education.

Their five room schoolhouse currently has stick and mud walls and earthen floors.  The rainy season tears holes into the walls and floods the floor, leaving the shoeless children standing in puddles during their lessons.  Children walk miles to this school each day in hopes of a brighter future. 

This impoverished area needs our help.  Trellis Arch has partnered with St. Elizabeth’s Nursery and Primary school, led by Ninsiima Evelyne, to rebuild this school.  Through the generous donations of Trellis Arch sponsors we will raise $20,000 to rebuild the walls, floors and ceilings of this school.