Michael Gammons


Mike currently serves at the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Vice President of Information Technology at Sucampo Pharmaceuticals, a Rockville, Maryland based company whose focus is delivering new therapies to patients with unmet medical needs.

Spending the early days of his career as a scientist in the molecular biology laboratories at Penn State University and an innovative biopharmaceutical company Human Genome Sciences (now GlaxoSmithKline) he developed a passion for understanding how science and technology when combined can help scientists get through the execution of the scientific method faster than before.  It was when Mike learned that he was much better at designing computer systems than designing experiments that he decided to follow a different career path.


After seven years at Human Genome Sciences, Mike joined MedImmune,   another biopharmaceutical company, where his passion for developing strategies for designing and delivering solutions that made scientists work easier and more efficient excelled.   Today at Sucampo his comprehensive experiences are immediately impacting Sucampo’s ability to grow as a company and he’s excited about the journey ahead.  Mike holds an undergraduate degree in Molecular and Microbiology (B.S.) and a Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) from Hood School of Business and Economics.


Giving and service are core values that are entrenched in everything Mike does.  When considering how to share his passion and experiences with  a team it was serendipity that Trellis Arch was just around the corner.  Mike is excited to join and partner with such a talented group of people to build upon the vision of Trellis Arch.



                For leisure Mike spends all of his time outdoors or vacationing with his family, wife Rosemarie and two daughters Kaleigh and Audrey.  With a 46-acre, small farm in Maryland the family keeps busy by raising organic chickens and turkeys and growing a family garden each season.