March 2019: For the 4th year in a row, we have provided school supplies and backpacks to 100 students in India!  $20 per student makes this a reality. Consider supporting our work in India.

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Khemasole (14)


Meet Prabina from Rayagada, India. Thanks to our donors, she has achieved her dream of becoming a nurse. Prabina’s father died  from brain malaria a few years ago, common in rural India due to poverty and lack of medical care.  Prabina was left with her mother who does hard labor in fields and on road construction sites for less than $24 a month.    



Trellis Arch’s donors funded Prabina’s entire nursing college expenses – a three-year program costing $4,500. We are proud to report that she recently graduated with her Assistant Nursing degree and has been hired by a local hospital as a resident in training.  She is a smart young lady with a lot of promise.

With your support, we can provide scholarships to other aspiring young people in India. Contact us to discuss how you or your organization can get involved. 

Amazing things are happening in India thanks to our donors.


Children in India live in crushing poverty and Trellis Arch intends to break that cycle by providing access to education in the most neglected communities.  You can be a part of this effort. Every donation will significantly enhance the quality of life of the children there – many whom face the grim realities of human trafficking and slavery on a daily basis. $1 can alter the course of their lives. Please consider a donation to Trellis Arch today.

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