Haiti is a beautiful island clouded by the ugliness of poverty. In a place where the only hope of a future is education, the vast majority are unable to afford it. According to USAID, the average Haitian, age 25 years or older, has less than 5 years of schooling and only 61% of the adult population is literate. More than 85% of primary schools are privately run enterprises making them prohibitively expensive for low-income families.


The lack of education and fundamental resources means these children grow up without the necessary skills to succeed in the labor force. They are unable to support themselves or their families, and fall deeper into the depths of poverty. With your help we can keep making a difference in Haiti! Children we help now, grow into adults who can help themselves.


Trellis Arch, along with our good friend Kervens Michel, established the Lesmyrla Cadet Scholars Program in memory of our beloved Lesmyrla – a very bright student with big dreams who was taken from us too soon. Together, we honor Lesmyrla by providing the education tools necessary for the children who need it most.

After our first trip to Haiti in 2015, we began working with 40 amazing children in the village of Paulin whose parents are unable to afford their education. Through generous donations, we are able to cover each child’s yearly school fees, provide necessary clothing and shoes, and much needed school supplies. You have never seen such brimming smiles and grateful hearts until you give a child something they never dreamed they could have – the opportunity of an education and a better life.

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