In Kathmandu, Dev and Dhana Tamata – two wonderful people with large hearts and three kids of their own – have committed their lives to providing and caring for orphans and refugee children in need. These children come from lower castes deemed “untouchable” in some areas of Nepal, and many have been abandoned by their families because they can no longer support them. For example, one student was living in a temporary home made of mud, stone, grass, and wood. His family struggled to farm for survival but was unable to provide enough food for more than one month each year. Under these dire living conditions, pursuing an education was unthinkable.


The children lucky enough to live with Dev and Dhana have a wide variety of interests ranging from sports, dance, drawing, music, and reading. Their career ambitions include social worker, bank manager, doctor, physicist, fashion designer, businessman, veterinarian, lawyer, doctor, and football player.

The Tamatas provide these children with food, clothing, a safe place to live, and the opportunity to pursue their aspirations through education. Their efforts not only rescue these children from abject poverty, but also enable them to realize their full potential.

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